The last INSPIRE Popup was December 17th, 2019,  at Night Lizard Brewing Company, 5 to 8 pm, 607 State Street.  It was a fun evening.  Unfortunately, due to organizer Penny Little’s accident (hit by a car as a pedestrian legally in a crosswalk) and the COVID-19 “Pandemic” there are currently no upcoming INSPIRE PopUps, and there are no plans for “virtual” pop-ups because the POPUP is all about being present together,  face to face, not screen to screen.



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If you are interested in participating as a presenter, an artist, artisan, author or entrepreneur, send us something here.


INSPIRE POP-UP is new works, wares & new ideas from inspiring entrepreneurs, artists, authors and artisans.   We are cultural creatives — musicians, dancers, designers, painters, hat makers, writers and inventors — all sharing our wares, what inspires us, and connecting with new audiences and new ideas.

Imagine an evening pop-up marketplace: performances from musicians releasing CDs, authors’ book signings, new videos, independent filmmaker’s latest movie trailers, hot new fashion items like jewelry, hats and accessories created by local artisans, paintings and sculptures, greeting cards, celebration arts creations, multi-media presentations, food, music, fun. Each artist/creator shares a short presentation of what inspires them. It’s a little bit Pecha Kucha, a mini-Ted Talk with wine and food a little bit pop-up marketplace, a little bit party.

INSPIRE POPUP(s) are curated events, designed so that invited artists/artisans/entrepreneurs are complimentary within the group and the general theme of the evening. The plan is to have an INSPIRE POP-UP every two months, in a new location with a new group of guests from different fields.


October 15th INSPIRE Pop-up at Uncorked

I’m getting excited about all this.  It started out as a release party for my husband Nik Green’s CD which I completed for him after his passing, and grew into a collaboration, first with Oniracom at Onifest 2019, and October 15th  at Uncorked.   The vision is coming together and developing.